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Howdy, thought I would tell a little bit about myself.


    In the second grade I developed an interest for drawing. Later on in junior high and high school cartooning and mechanical drafting was added to my interests.


    During my senior year in high school I got the opportunity to do some cartoons for their school newspaper. When I entered into junior college I continued cartooning and was able to join the newspaper staff as one of the cartoonists.


    Industrial Design and General Arts became my main studies in college. Here I had my first taste of computer use and I discovered an interesting combination of art and design through the magic of Photoshop and Illustrator.


    For a long time for personal enjoyment I've been making birthday cards for my family and friends. Then one day I thought maybe adding something relating to the recipient, or even having their picture in the card by means of Photoshop would be an enjoyable experience for the person to see. The response was priceless. It came to my attention a few times that some of these cards that I made for them would become keepers.


   As a personal note, having an artistic talent in any field is a gift from God. And with this talent creating something for someone the joy of bringing imagination to life and to see their faces light up is the best reward possible.
the Magic of Photoshop
Greeting Cards "Personalized"
Art & illustration
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A few of my favorite artists
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